Bluewick Candles Holiday Giveaway – 3 Winners! (12/7)

Published December 2, 2012 by couponcrazysisters

Bluewick Candle Holiday Giveaway!

3 Winners!

Coupondipity is thrilled to team up with many of our blogger friends and your wonderful co-hosts Donna’s Deals and More, Give oh Giveaway, and Adventures of Frugal Mom to bring you this spectacular Bluewick Candle giveaway. And a huge thanks to our sponsor, Bluewick!

Several years ago, I was doing some shopping in the mall when I wandered into a candle store. I have always had a weakness for candles and rarely pass by a candle shop without stopping in.

As usual, I was busily smelling all of the wonderfully aromatic candles, when one particular scent stopped me in my tracks. It was intoxicating. It was a candle from a company that I had never heard of called ‘Bluewick’, and the scent was dewberry. Since it was on sale, I bought every single one that the store had.

Fast forward – I’ve just used the last candle, so I decide to visit the candle store to see if I can refill my stock. I got to the mall, and **gasp**, the candle store was no longer there. What was I to do??? As soon as I arrived home, I started my research…Google to the rescue. I found that Bluewick had a website, I placed a fast order and I got my candle fix.

Fast forward again. I am now a busy blogger, and one of the things that I really enjoy is introducing my readers to my favorite things. Okay…so I’m not Oprah (yet), but I still know a good thing when I see it.

The wonderful people at Bluewick were kind enough to send me a selection of their new line so that I could bring it to you!

Let me tell you a couple of the things I love about these candles. Many of their collections are now being made with a proprietary, all-vegetable apricot wax. The result is a candle product that burns up to 80% cleaner than a 100% soy wax candle – with significant reductions in smoke and soot. Even better, candles made from apricot wax have greater fragrance load and enhanced permeation. Above all, this wax innovation promotes Bluewick’s Be Green initiative, which dedicates their manufacturing to eco-forward philosophies and practices.

Plain and simple, it’s clear to me that these candles burn longer and cleaner. You’ve seen how some candles appear dirty and greasy after you burn them awhile – not these. Bluewick candles burn beautifully from the first match to the last light.

Here’s proof! This is a photo of one of my candles that has already burned for about 10 hours. See how clean it is?

And there are not enough words to describe the fragrances that these candles offer. Each is more luscious than the last. They lend a beautiful aroma to any room without being overpowering.

And now three lucky winners will each win a set of Six Bluewick Candles, valued at $210! Enough for you to keep some and give a few away as gifts – if you can bear to part with one!

We invite you to visit Bluewick’s website to see for yourself what all the fuss is about! Everyone loves these candles, and they’re frequently seen in the homes of celebrities who love beautiful things.

Simply enter using the Rafflecopter form below – and remember, the more bonus entries you choose, the better your chances!

I too am a candle freak so I am very proud to bring this giveaway to my readers and introduce you to this wonderful, green company! I have an order in now and am sure I will love them just as much as Coupondipity does! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Giveaway ends December 7 at midnight, EST. Open to residents of the continental US.

Disclosure: Coupon Crazy Sisters received no compensation for promoting this giveaway and is in no way responsible for prize fulfillment.


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