Blogger Opp Holiday Gift Guide

Published October 27, 2012 by couponcrazysisters
Hosted By: Beth Ann & Jessica’s Helpful Savings
Welcome to Beth Ann & Jessica’s Helpful Savings Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Blogger Sign ups

I will be featuring 15 items in the month of November.
First Giveaway starting November 1st. 
Giveaway will run 1 month (Nov 1st – Nov 30th)
You will be required to post the giveaway at least 2x a week (at least 10x during the 30days)
and submit “live’ post link when giveaway starts.

1 Free Facebook or Twitter link. with Announcement Post $5 without announcement
Each additional Link is only $1.00 – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, GFC
$2.00 each daily vote

OVER $600 in prizes! = 15 winners —1st prize on rc = 1st winner,  2nd prize on rc = 2nd winner ect.
Items include:
Knot Genie – 1 Brush ($20 value)
Zoobies – Regular Blanket Pet of Choice ($29.99 Value)
ManGroomer – STAINLESS STEEL DETAIL GROOMER® ($19.99 value)
Nostalgia Electrics – Coca Cola Series Pop-up Hotdog Toaster ($29.99 value)
Frecklebox – $30 Electronic Gift Card
ColorInKids – 12 ColorInKids T-Shirts ($15 value x12)
ISeeMe – Personalized Christmas Book ($39.95 Value)
My Babys Heart Beat Bear – My Babys Heart Beat Frog –  ($35.00 value)
Aroma Housewares – 20-cup Rice Cooker, Steamer, Slow cooker, all in 1 ($64.99 value)
Daddy Scrubs – 1 set of daddy scrubs – ($54.95 value)
Piczzle -Small Cardboard Custom Puzzle – ($14.95 value)
Thirty-One Gifts – Zipper Pouch winners choice of design – ($15 value)
Mailpix – Winners Choice of Item – (value based on choice)
Big Little Fudge – Occasion Holiday Tin  ($19.95 value)
Picture Collage Maker Pro – 1 free picture collage maker pro download ($39.90)


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