*Blogger Opp* Ella Bella Boutique Necklace Giveaway

Published October 16, 2012 by couponcrazysisters

Ella Bella Boutique Blogger Sign Up Free

Hi I am hosting another wonderful giveaway this time for a beautiful necklace from Ella Bella Boutique. This necklace is beautiful and your fans are sure to LOVE it as much as I do! The necklace up for grabs is pictured above. To Sign up for this giveaway you just have to write an announcement post, just copy and paste the picture below with a link to this sign up form. For writing the announcement post you get 2 free links, facebook,twitter or pinterest. All other links such as email, picket fence, etc are 1.00 a piece sent to lillysshower.com
If you would like to co-host then it will be 5.00 with up to 10 links in the rafflecopter, one mandatory to enter give-away. Also a button on my side bar for 3 months.
If you have any questions please write me at rantingsfromlilnhailsmom@Hotmail.com
Up For Grabs

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